Resources for History Teachers

I have a collection of outstanding lesson resources on the topics outlined below. These resources available for purchase at very competitive prices and will save you hours of time! Get in touch for more information regarding this

Key Stage 3 Topics: The Norman  Conquest, Medieval Life, The Black Death, The Peasants Revolt, King John and the Magna Carta, Islamic Civilisation, The Tutors, The Stuarts, The Civil War, The Industrial Revolution, British Empire and Slavery, Getting the Vote in the 1800s, Jack the Ripper, World War One, World War Two, The Cold War Era, The Assassination of JFK, Terrorism

Key Stage 4 Topics: Medicine Through Time, The American West

Key Stage 5 Topics: African-American Civil Rights Movement in the USA


School Membership of the Members Zone

It’s £5 for students to join the members zone of the website. However, great savings can be made by purchasing school ‘corporate’ membership of the members zone. This would allow all of your History students to access the members zone without them having to become members themselves.

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