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Important Notice

The members zone is designed specifically for OCR’s School History Project in GCSE History. This course includes the topics Medicine Through Time and The American West, 1840-1895. Although the content of the members zone is designed for this course, some of the content could be useful to you if you are sitting your examination with another exam board. Get in touch for more information regarding this before you purchase membership.

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The Legal Side of Things

  1. The resources in the members zone are for home use only. E-mail me for information about the possibility of purchasing a license for your school.
  2. Be sure to get your parent’s permission before using their PayPal account to purchase a subscription to the members zone, I don’t want to be hearing from angry parents! Hopefully if you show your folks a video or two from my ‘free section’ of the website, they’ll be begging you to become a member!
  3. Subscription to the members zone is non-refundable, if you think that a refund is deserved contact me.
  4. The resources in the members zone, including the walkthrough videos and exam style questions, are not a prediction of which questions may appear on exam papers. The videos and questions are solely produced so that you are able have a go at practising exam questions similar to the ones that will you will have to answer in your GCSE History exam.
  5. Revise GCSE History is no way endorsed by OCR or any other examination board.
  6. Your revision and preparation for your GCSE History exam should not be entirely based on the content of this website, it is strongly recommended that you use a collection of revision sources and of course you need to work hard at school.
  7. Using the materials in the members zone does not guarantee good examination results.
  8. Although it is said that subscription could potentially “improve your History GCSE by a whole grade” – good performance cannot be guaranteed. To achieve good grades, hard work and many hours of revision is required. Just think of the homesteaders, those who worked hard and were determined to achieve their goals were successful and they became “the breadbasket of the nation”!