Marking Service


Ever completed a GCSE History past exam paper question and not know how well you’ve done?

Worry no more! Here you can get feedback on the exam questions you complete from someone who has knowledge in the subject and some experiencing in marking! There is also a reduction in price for members of Revise GCSE History.


What’s Involved?

For each exam question you complete you get…

  • the mark the answer would be likely to get
  • the grade that would be awarded
  • comments on what you’ve done well in your answer
  • tips as to how you could improve your answer


Price List

Revise GCSE History - Marking Price List

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The prices might initially seem more than you’d imagine, but marking exam answers well is very time consuming! Get working on your parents to pay for it as this service could be really beneficial!

I think that just submitting five exam questions (price starting at £7.75) to be marked would be really beneficial. This would enable you to see what you’ve done well and where you might have gone wrong so that you can get it nailed ready for your exam!


Important Notice

The exam marking service is designed just for OCR’s School History Project in GCSE History. I only mark answers for the Medicine Through Time and The American West Topics. Please bear this in mind before purchasing.


Submitting Your Answers

  • Choose a question from either the Medicine Through Time or The American West section of a past exam paper.
  • Type your answer to the question in a word document or similar and email me your answer.
  • Prefer to handwrite your answers? Not a problem. Write your answer on a piece of paper, scan it into your computer and then email as a PDF file.
  • Remember to write down the year of the past paper and the question you are answering next to your answer!
  • I’m afraid that there is no guarantee on how long it will take me to mark you’re answers. I will try to get them marked as soon as possible and this will definitely be within a week of sending (most of the time!).



The mark and grade awarded for the answers you submit are not the grades you are guaranteed to receive in your final exam. The marks and grade awarded are just an indication as to how well you have performed in that particular question.


What is meant by 1 question?

By 1 question I mean one full exam past paper question. This question includes parts a, b and c. The question you submit can either be  a compulsory sources question or a 20 mark essay question that you get a choice of questions on.

Two examples of what is meant by 1 full question are shown below…

Example Question








Example Question